Dr. Josef Mantl, M.A., is an Austrian communication entrepreneur with a focus on strategy, campaigns, events & digital media and a publicist on communications-, digital and civil society topics.



Josef Mantl is the third of four children to Prof. Wolfgang Mantl and Maria Mantl. During his education at Akademisches Gymnasium Graz he intensively studied language (English, French, Spanish, Latin, and Ancient Greek,) history and music (clarinet and saxophone).  Mantl was also involved with student council, where he served as president of the high school students and state leader of the Styrian Student Union. After completing his military service at the First Reconnaissane Regiment in Graz he studied law at the University of Vienna where he was also engaged with the Hochschülerschaft Wien. Various internships took him abroad to Brussels (European Parliament), New York (Trade Commission of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce), Toronto (Magna/Frank Stronach) and Beijing (AVL). In 2002 Mantl completed his Magistar Iuris. From 2006 to 2008 he was a Fulbright Scholar at Emerson College of Communications in Boston. There, he received the postgraduate degree “Master of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communication”. In 2012 he completed his thesis on “Transparency and Communication of the European Union in Light of Article 15 TFEU”, thereby completing his doctorate of law at the University Vienna.



Upon completing his studies in 2002, Mantl began offering consultation in the areas of event planning, pop music and culture. In 2009, after returning from the US, he founded JMC (Josef Mantl Communications) Ltd., a full-service communications agency with a focus on strategy, campaigns, events, and digital media. JMC’s clients include several well-known corporations, institutions and organizations. As “No. 1 in Urban Mobilization” it´s the leading agency in mobilizing urban target groups. JMC hosts the future-oriented conference Mobile Marketing Innovation Day.


United States

During his stay in the United States as a Fulbright scholar between 2006 and 2008, Mantle established contacts with the Democratic Party. There, he worked with Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential election campaign, where he led “The World for Hillary” initiative. During this time he also found inspiration while studying with the Emerson College Department of Communication, an experience that has been influential in the implementation of the social media strategies that have helped him develop a pioneering strategy in digital media.



For Josef Mantl, pop music has always been a passion. In 2003, he started the dance act D-JMC, whose first title “Ragazza” climbed to number 13 on the Ö3 Single Charts. In 2004, “Party Jungle” broke the top 10, reaching the number 6 spot, where it held for two weeks. He built upon his success by releasing several more singles and videos, as well as putting on several live performances, including performances for UN troops in Syria and Kosovo. From 2004 to 2010 Mantl joined with public relations consultant and music promoter Irene Gerhrsitz to create the Pop Music Award, which was given to people, organizations, or companies that have made significant contributions to pop music.


Volunteer and Social Activities

Josef Mantl is Member of the Board of the Mobile Marketing Assocation, Spokesman of the “Sustainable Future Campaign“, Deputy Head of the Institute “go governance – upgrading our democratic culture”, and a member of Junior Chamber International, the Lions Club, and others. He is a speaker at numerous national and international conferences on communication, business and digital media such as the Dahrendorf Colloquium at the University of St. Gallen. Mantl has also worked as a volunteer assistant for charitable organizations abroad such as the Mother House (Mother Teresa’s mission) in Calcutta, India, the “Home of Peace”, a homeless shelter in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and the National Council of Youth in Guatemala.


Josef Mantl is the editor of “Communicating Sustainability – Perspectives of Sustainability in politics, economy and society” (with Alexander Ochs and Marc R. Pacheco, Böhlau Publishing), “Dealing with Change – Austrians on the challenges of the 21st Century” (with Alexander Ceh and Georg Krasser, Schnider Publishing) and “Mobile Marketing from App to Z” (with Harald Winkelhofer, IQ Mobile). .


For his commitment to EU-enlargement, Foreign Minister Benita Ferrero-Waldner awarded Josef Mantl with the Federal Medal of Honor of the Republic of Austria in 2003. In 2012 The German Atlantic Forum chose Josef Mantl as a “European Young Leader” and participant in the related international conference in Tblisi Georgia.

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